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Common Rooms


Below are the common rooms at Scottwood Bed and Breakfast.  You can click on the images to view a larger image.

Commonroom8 small Dining Room:
The center of the 1795 Federal style home is the warm and inviting dining room.
Commonroom6 small Keeping Room:
This is one of the favorite spaces for guests to relax, read or watch television.
Commonroom4 small Kitchen:
Guests help themselves to freshly brewed gourmet coffee at the beverage bar.
Commonroom7 small Main Sitting Room:
Visitors are encouraged to wander throughout the home, making themselves at home. A piano in the main sitting room is available should a visitor desire to entertain himself or other guests.
Commonroom3 small Fireplace:
This original fireplace was re-tiled by a former owner and graces the dining room. Roosters (gifts from guests) have taken over the mantel as well as other areas of the room.